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Reliable accounting services to support your growing business.

The best solutions for your needs

100% Paperless

No more papers; No more huge IT bills. No more saving receipts; No more filing cabinets. 

100% in the cloud

We'll manage your books entirely online. If we need a document, snap a photo with a dedicated app, and voila.

Save time while paying less

You'll get accrual-basis bookkeeping done for you in QuickBooks Online, and thanks to automation, you'll barely lift a finger. 

Preferences or unique needs? 

We work with the best software and tools available and are here to make your monthly Bookkeeping seamless. 

You'll love an accounting solution that's fully in the cloud

Wholesalers, Retailers, & E-commerce Sellers

Whether you are an eCommerce seller, have a retail store, or run a wholesale business, managing an inventory-based business model entails financial risk, demands a lot from business owners, and requires managing multiple tasks to remain profitable and successful. To help you reduce some of the stress, you can shift your bookkeeping and accounting tasks onto us. So you can complete your responsibilities more productively.

Live updates

Using QuickBooks-Online, we'll sync up with your bank, merchant services, software, sales channels, and inventory management software for real-time transaction records, keeping your books up to date while reducing your burden and saving you time. 

Sales tax

Sales tax compliance can get complicated—but we can take care of it for you. We'll routinely evaluate your nexus per state and update you when you meet sales tax thresholds. Prepare, and file your sales tax returns and help you manage your exemption certificates.


Financial expertise 

If you choose, we could create monthly financial, operational, and inventory reports or a live dashboard to help you focus on the metrics that matter to you most. As your business grows, we will also be able to provide you with expert advice so that you can make sensible, data-driven decisions.

Service Providers

Allow us to take on your monthly bookkeeping responsibilities. We'll provide you with a reliable, cost-effective solution for your service business. Whether you want cash-basis, accrual basis, or need help deciding, we got you covered. We can also manage other back-office services on your behalf and provide financial advisory services. We are here to help.

Want to run your business with clarity and peace of mind? 

We work with the best software and tools available and are here to make your monthly Bookkeeping seamless. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits use fund accounting to provide transparency and accountability (rather than profitability). allow us to handle the complexities of your nonprofit bookkeeping and get a reliable, cost-effective solution for your 501(c)(3). We'll set up your accounting system, tweak it for productivity, and provide you with accurate financial records each month. Plus you'll get financial reports tailored to your organization and your tax-exempt status. In short, we'll give you all the support you need, from helping you understand your financials to managing your budget and paying your bills.   

Need a better bookkeeping solution? Manage your books the smart way! 

Instead of recording transactions yourself, relying on volunteers, or replacing your bookkeeper five times a year, give yourself peace of mind and eliminate time-consuming data entry by leaving your books to the professionals. 


Goodbye Bookkeeping. Hello RefinePlan

You don't need training. We will take care of everything for you. So, free your mind, grow your business, or better yet, spoil yourself and go on a date. 

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Accrual-basis & Cash-basis accounting.

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No bookkeeping knowledge needed.

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An audit-proofing process to ensure every transaction is correctly recorded and can be verified.

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If you decide to drive your business growth, face a financial challenge, or want to manage your funds more effectively, our advisory services would be a perfect fit. Just schedule a call, and let's talk about your needs.

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If you want guidance on managing your finances better, we could set up a monthly meeting and discuss where you are holding, in Plain English.

Compliance Bookkeeping

We'll download your transactions, classify, and reconcile your accounts monthly and provide standard financial reports. 

The compliance bookkeeping service is suitable for solopreneurs, new businesses, or service providers who use cash-basis bookkeeping. It does not include accounts receivable, accounts payable, accrual adjustments, any intermediate or advanced entries. 

Advanced Bookkeeping

A Certified QuickBooks expert will set up your accounting system and manage your books.

The advanced bookkeeping service is designed for established businesses or smaller businesses that need accrual-basis bookkeeping. It can flawlessly meet the needs of medium-sized corporations with comprehensive inventories or multi-channel eCommerce sellers by integrating 3rd party software. 

We are here to listen


All your back-office needs solved

RefinePlan goes beyond bookkeeping to offer everything you need to support your growing business.

Chart One
Accounts payable

Let us make your life easier and help you pay your suppliers and business bills; we'll keep up with payment due dates, amounts and ensure you avoid late payment fees.

Chart Two
Accounts receivable

Let us keep tight control over your invoices and alert you when customer payments are past due. The earlier you deal with late or slow-paying customers, the higher your chance to collect the money they owe.

Chart Three

We'll run your payroll and disburse payments. Help you avoid penalties by filing and paying your payroll tax on time. If you need to process 1099s, we could take it off your plate too.

advisory services
Chart Four
Advisory Services

At any stage of your business development, you can benefit from having a financial advisor's expertise. An advisor specializes in examining all moving parts of your business. Can help you identify your business's areas of strength and where it falls short and establish the financial foundation for business growth.

Discover how we can scale your business

More dollars on advertising doesn't guarantee sales. More sales doesn't guarantee higher profits.
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Reach your business goals with expert financial advice

When financial management is done correctly, you'll be able to set and achieve your financial goals efficiently. We'll review your monthly progress and advise you on the appropriate actions needed to maintain your course to reach your financial objectives.

Improve cashflow with better purchase decisions 

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An advisor can help improve your inventory planning, optimize order quantities, to lower storage costs, reduce the amount of unusable cash held in inventory and improve your cash flow

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Want to unearth new growth opportunities? 

An advisor can help you increase your sales revenue, lower your expenses and increase your profit.

Find out how much more profit you can make, starting today. 

Start with RefinePlan Today

Besides it being easy. We let you to Experience a true stress-free VIP bookkeeping service. Ready to upgrade your business for cheaper?

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